What Courses are Available in Spring 2017?

Spring 2017 Course Offerings:
Core Requirements
  • VTS 200 - Introduction to Veterans Studies (multiple sections <on campus, hybrid and online)

Cultural Elective:

  • Any course from the list below (see Deanna Kasitz for course exception form)

Institutional Elective:

  • MSL 303 - American Military History
  • PLS 375 - Terrorism/Counter Terrorism 

Relational Elective:

  • CDF 437 - Family Stress and Resilience (one section- may require pre-req override)
  • PSY 308 - Abnormal Psychology (multiple sections)
  • SWK 440 - Addictions (fills quickly)

Additional Electives:

  • Any additional course from those listed above (see Deanna Kasitz for a course exception)

Capstone Course (VTS 400***)

***Currently, students can choose ANY additional course from ANY dimension to fill the capstone requirement OR substitute a departmental course (co-op; independent study, etc., that relates to veteran's issues).*** All submissions must be processed through Deanna Kasitz on a College Exception Form in order to be transferred into Degree Works. This policy will remain in effect until further notice but is subject to change at the discretion of the Associate Dean of University Programs and the VTS Coordinator.

Advisors: If a student wishes to submit exceptions for both the cultural elective and capstone requirements, please submit those on ONE form or notify Deanna Kasitz.