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University-level Certificate in Veterans Studies

(If you declared a Departmental Certificate in Veterans Studies prior to Fall 2020 view the old curriculum requirements here)

University-level Certificate in Veterans Studies - 24 Hours

EKU's University-level Certificate in Veterans Studies is the most comprehensive credential available in the field. It represents a deep exploration of veterans' identities, cultures, and experiences. The Certificate complements any field of study and is ideal for students looking to expand their knowledge of veterans beyond a single disciplinary perspective. Program-approved alternatives can be substituted for some requirements. These courses will be listed on the VTS website each semester. However, if you see a course offering that you think would better suit your professional or educational needs, you are invited to petition for a substitution. Please contact us at any point if you have questions. 

Core Requirements – 6 Hours

VTS 200 lays the groundwork for critical examinations of veterans’ identities, cultures, and experiences. Students combine all they learn in either a capstone seminar (VTS 400) or a mentored-project (VTS 401). Alternatively, students may petition for a capstone course taught within their Major. 

Core Course (3 Hours)

  • VTS 200 – Introduction to Veterans Studies

Capstone Requirement (Pick One, 3 Hours)

  • VTS 400 – Veterans Studies Capstone (Course)
  • VTS 401 – Veterans Studies Capstone (Mentored Project)
  • Program-approved Capstone in Student’s Major
Cultural Competency Electives - 3 Hours

Cultural Competency courses focus on current and historical forces shaping veterans’ lives. Approved alternatives vary from semester to semester and will focus heavily on military/veteran identities, cultures, or experiences. (Pick One)

  • ENG 386W – War and Peace in Lit Since 1900
  • PLS 375 – Terrorism / Counterterrorism
  • MSL 303 – American Military History
  • VTS 300 – Veterans in Society
  • VTS 350 – Special Topics in Veterans Studies
  • Program-approved courses (e.g., HIS 300A: War and American Society, WGS 300: Gender and War)
Applied Electives – 3 Hours

Applied electives are courses that teach students how to put what they learn about veterans into action. Program-approved electives will come from the student’s major discipline. (Pick One)

  • NSC 442 – Complex Health Systems
  • MGT 300 or MGT 301 (Non-Business Majors) – Principles of Management
  • PSY 405 – Intro to Interviewing / Therapy
  • SWK 365 – Crisis Intervention
  • VTS 349 – Cooperative Study
  • Program-approved Electives
Theoretical Perspectives – 3 Hours

Theoretical Persectives courses teach interdisciplinary thinking and provide students with ways to examine veterans’ identities, cultures, and experiences critically. (Pick One)

  • CMS 205W – Advocacy and Opposition
  • POL 325 – Global Security
  • PSY 300 – Social Psychology
  • SOC 131 – Introductory Sociology
  • SWK 201 – Introduction to Social Work
Intersectionality Requirement – 3 Hours

The Intersectionality Requirement provides knowledge about diverse social groups, helping students better understand how membership in these groups impacts veterans' experiences. (Pick One)

  • AFA 202 – The African-American Experience
  • ANT 330 – American Indians
  • CDF 424 – Diversity Awareness for Professional Practice
  • WGS 201 – Intro to Women and Gender Studies
Additional Electives – 6 Hours

The remaining elective requirements provide students with opportunities to narrow their focus and dive deeper into veterans' issues or theotetical perspectives to be applied in the capstone. (Pick Two)

  • HLS 400 – Evolution of the U.S. Intelligence Community
  • HUM 300 – Humanity in the Postmodern Age
  • PHI 130 – Beginning Ethics
  • POL 357 – American Political Thought
  • PSY 308 – Abnormal Psychology
  • PSY 314 – Adolescent and Adult Development
  • PSY 476 – Psychology of Trauma
  • SWK 310 – Social Welfare Policy History
  • SWK 335 – Human Behavior / Social Environment
  • Program-approved Electives

Students wishing to add a VTS Minor or University-level Certificate must complete the Change of Major form and submit it to their advisor or the Program Director for signature.

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